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We pride ourselves on delivering an amazing service to our customers. Our experience, knowledge, and communication skills allow us to provide a level of service that is unmatched in our industry.  

We take great pride in delivering a high level of service to our clients that not only meets their expectations but exceeds those expectations. But don't just take our word for it, read what our clients have to say in their own words.


But let me summarize by telling you that without Andrew, I would not be sitting in both my dream home and a great investment. I am so happy we found Andrew!!!

This is a very well-earned positive review for Andrew and his team.  It's a long overdue review (we purchased mid-year - and have just lost time as we've been moving in and enjoying our dream home ever since!). 

In 2018, in a seller's market with sky-high prices and overbidding, it seemed an impossible task for my wife and I to find a realtor interested in spending the time with first-time, modest home buyers - let alone find a decent home and a good investment opportunity, one with upside potential - in the Bay Area.  

From the start, Andrew and his team were composed, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.  It ended up taking 7 months before we found and purchased our dream home and during that time, Andrew was always available for consult by phone and in person, driving across town to meet with us, and never letting more than 5 minutes elapse between a text or call from us and a reply, even if only to let us know when he could next call us back. 

As 2018 started, the market became red-hot.  We were overbid by... well, by a lot of money.  At the same time, since I had spent so much time driving around looking at properties, my time was getting restricted and I had to spend more time at work.  Andrew respected my lack of time and didn't contact me much while the market was a red-hot seller's market at the beginning of the year - no badgering like with previous realtors, who honestly seemed more interested in closing than finding us our dream home.  

What happened next was like having my own personal real estate investment advisor - no joke, it was like we were Bill Gates instead of first-time home owners (and I know from watching Andrew that we were certainly not his most lucrative client).  Here's how Andrew performed above and beyond to help with our real estate investment: 

He called me as soon as the market shifted and he had found me a home that looked perfect for me and my wife.  He simply explained to me that he wanted me to reactivate my home search because he had started seeing deals re-emerge onto the market.   

The result? We found our dream home - beyond expectations and far above what we were looking for, in an excellent area, with upside potential.  His timing was perfect - there were deals coming on to the market.

We took a tour of one gorgeous home with only a day to prepare an offer.  I told him I really wanted him to get me and my wife this home.  It seemed meant for us.   

He delivered.  We were in contract on a home days after that - and only days after Andrew's call, urging us to look at the market with fresh eyes.  Andrew can act very quickly in the Bay Area market.

But here's the really amazing part.  Andrew seemed to double the time he spent with us as we went through the closing process.  And it was not completely smooth - so having someone you trust, like Andrew and his team - that's actually really important and something we didn't think about when we were doing all the searching. 

Here's what happened - AFTER we got the call that our offer was accepted: 

First there's an appraisal of the property.  It looked like the first appraiser didn't know what he was doing - there was a danger of under appraising because of his lack of knowledge on the local market.  Andrew came to our rescue.  He advised us to take a calculated risk to cancel the questionable appraisal and reorder it with a better professional.  We appraised above purchase price with the better appraiser, who used better local knowledge of the market (remember, this is the Bay Area housing market!) 

Then it turned out that escrow was Delayed 18 Days due to a Slow HOA and a Lender that required extra hoops to jump through (I should mention that Andrew’s recommended mortgage broker got us a REALLY good rate!)  So Andrew came to our rescue again - and this time it was really important not just to manage us (who were getting seriously stressed out) but also to manage the stressed out sellers and seller's agent.  Through it Andrew emerged as the go-to person for the whole deal, keeping us buyers and the seller's agent - everyone, really - continuously updated and on the same page.  

Lastly, let me just say that Andrew is super-human patient.  After 7 months of searching, the deal almost falling through, and anxious buyers, we did the final walk-through to accept our new home.  That 15 Min walk-through ended up taking 3 hours.  It turned out that the seller and I grew up in nearly the same town and ended up  reminiscing over our shared childhoods.  That could be somewhat irritating to listen to if you’re not from that town!  All the while, Andrew patiently waited and did not rush us, and was available for any questions or concerns that cropped up 

Like any story, there's much more that happened - between the lines, so to speak - that I could tell you about.  But let me summarize by telling you that without Andrew, I would not be sitting in both my dream home and a great investment.  I am so happy we found Andrew!!!

We ended up getting a home that we absolutely thought would be out of range but ended up with. Andrew deserves a lot of the credit for making that happen!

Andrew was the first agent my wife and I came across during our home search. At the time, we weren't sure if we wanted to buy but definitely wanted to explore. That began an 18 month journey of looking at multiple homes across a range of prices during various times of the week.  

Andrew was  extremely knowledgable and patient with our situation. We had a toddler who had to tag along a number of times, different work schedules and seemingly no set area on where to look for a house. There were many times when my wife would go see the house at a time that worked with her schedule, like it and then have me check it out with Andrew at a different time. Throughout the entire process, we never felt pressured to make a decision. 

There was one time when my wife and I were ready to make an offer on a house in part because it looked really nice and also because we were just exhausted of the never ending process. But Andrew knowing our situation, reiterated our overall goals and some obvious pain points of settling for this house. At the end, he helped us reach the correct decision of not going ahead with the property. 

When we found an incredible house, we weren't sure if it was going to be within our price range. In fact, we were doubtful that we'd get the house at all. But Andrew, knowing the market situation, helped us craft an offer that was presented in best possible light to the sellers and they went for it! We ended up getting a home that we absolutely thought would be out of range but ended up with. Andrew deserves a lot of the credit for making that happen. 

I can't recommend Andrew enough to anybody looking to buy a home in the Bay Area.

Andrew is genuine, intelligent, and well informed on property values, real estate law, and the housing market

I rarely write recommendations, but had such a wonderful experience buying my new home with the help of my realtor, Andrew Nguyen that I decided to write a few words: 

First, I should start by saying I had a very complicated situation to purchase a home, challenged with a contentious divorce and  custody battle.  I was miserable in my expensive apartment and was looking to buy a comfortable, modest home for myself and two girls in a nice neighborhood that would be the right investment. Somehow, I ran into Andrew through my Zillow searches and met him in person at the first home I looked at.  

What great luck!  Andrew is genuine, intelligent, and well informed on property values, real estate law, and the housing market. He often provided valuable insights on how the market is changing in different Bay area communities.  

During my search for the right home, Andrew kept me engaged and was always very responsive: He provided me with listings and information about the communities, frequently checked in, and went out of his way to be there when I wanted see a home; he connected me with lenders he trusted and who could help me prequalify for a loan and he helped me navigate the many roadblocks often encountered in situations such as mine. Any time I had a question, I would simply call Andrew. 

When I found the home I wanted, Andrew knew what to do so that my offer would stand out and be at the top of the list.  

He was truly on top of his game and enjoyed being there to help me. Because of Andrew, I am now in a home that I love surrounded by neighbors and children who my family enjoy


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